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The goal of the IncQuery Viewers component is to help developing model-driven user interfaces by filling and updating model viewer results with the results of model queries. The implementation relies on (and is modeled after) the JFace Data binding and JFace Viewers libraries. The IncQuery Viewers component can bind the results of queries to various JFace Viewers: JFace ListViewer and TreeViewers are currently supported. Additionally, by installing extra features from the extra update site GraphViewers (based on GEF4 Zest) are also supported.

See also EMFIncQuery/UserDocumentation/IncQuery_Viewers

To select which patterns are used to determine the model elements to bind, several annotations are used by the framework. These annotations also allow to add labels and formatting to the viewers.

The IncQuery Viewers component uses four different annotations to bind query results to various viewers:

  • @Item: used on patterns whose results will be the main elements to display in the viewers
  • @ContainsItem: used on patterns whose results describe the the containment references between Items
  • @Edge: used on patterns whose results describe a generic edge reference between Items
  • @Format: used to define additional formatting

Viewers Sandbox

  • Initialization (binding Results to Viewers)
    • adding instance model and query definition to the Query Explorer
    • select the Initialize IncQuery Viewers from a query definition in the popup menu over any selected element in the main area
      • Reinitialize IncQuery Viewers
      • Reinitialize IncQuery Viewers (resource scope)

  • configuration, customization: we can select the used queries in the settings
    • Switch between horizontal and vertical mode
    • Create new component
    • Close current component

Horizontal.png Vertical.png

  • view synchronization when the „Apply” button is clicked

  • 3 Views (you can see on the pictures below):
    • List viewer
    • Tree viewer
    • Graphviewer (change of settings)
      • Refresh Graph
      • Clear Graph
      • Set zoom level
      • Set layout of the graph
        • Tree
        • Spring
        • Radial
        • Sugiyama

List.png Tree.png Zest.png

Layout menu:


For more information visit: [Here]

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