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Rete Visualizer

The Rete algorithm is a pattern matching algorithm for implementing production rule systems. It is used to determine which of the system's rules should fire based on its data store. With the Rete Visualizer, you can view the Rete network to which your patterns were mapped, with the Rete nodes showing various bits of information, e.g. match count.


  1. Go to Window | Show View | Other... and choose Rete Visualizer.
  2. Load the instance model and the pattern.
  3. Click on the pattern name to visualize it.
  4. To change the visualized Rete net, unload the pattern and load with the green start button.

Displayed information:

  • The nodes are the Rete nodes
    • Label: node type [match count]
      • Input node: type key
      • Production node: pattern name
  • The edges point from the parents to the children
    • Label: in case of beta nodes, the identifier of the edge (left/right)


  • Refresh Graph
  • Clear Graph
  • Set zoom level
  • Set layout of the graph (You may change the layout by clicking the downward pointing triangle and going to the Layout menu)
    • Tree
    • SpaceTree (Eclipse dies)
    • Spring
    • Radial
    • Sugiyama

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