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  • Current status: Bugzilla Gerrit AERI
  • TODOs from last meeting
    • TODO: Create long-term enhancements list
  • Releases
    • We should target 2.2.1 release for 2019-09
    • There are a few candidate issues (not all have opened bugs yet)
  • New development cycle for VIATRA still not started yet
    • Removal of 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT builds caused some minor issues, e.g. CPS demonstrator cannot be built


  • Concurrency issue
    • We can probably fix the case in comment 5! But maybe not the other one
    • Consider making the Manifest/etc generation disabled by default to reduce the probability of the original case
      • If MANIFEST is not enabled, you have to manually export your query packages
      • If plugin.xml is not enabled: query specification registrations will be out of synch (same for QBF)
    • Can we provide an (optional) validator and a quick fix to re-synch in UI thread, so that we can hopefully avoid concurrency?
  • CPS benchmark build broken

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