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  • M3 contributed to 2018-12
    • 2 more 3-week feature cycles before RC phase
    • 2.0.3 planned with a few bug fixes already marked for backporting
  • MoDisco integration will be removed as there are no known users
  • Generics in xform rule builder

N** ew create method and constructor added as short term workaround

    • Decision: deprecate old method and constructor
  • Concurrent modification exception
    • Thrown when metamodel is only in target platform and there is a race condition with target platform updating
    • Workarounds:
      • Install metamodel in host
      • Enable experimental target platform caching
      • Disable and plugin.xml generation
    • No easy solution (internal Xtext and PDE behavior would need to be changed)
      • PDE: not thread-safe plugin model retrieval
      • Xtext: no way to control when it triggers target platform update
  • Merging tooling.ui plugins (emf.ui, tooling.ui, tooling.ui.browser, migrator)
  • New runtime.ui plugin to contain IModelConnector
    • Sphinx: Balázs will look at Sphinx usage

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