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  • Current status: Bugzilla Gerrit AERI
  • Release status
    • VIATRA 2.0.2 released last week
    • VIATRA 2.1.0 M2 due in two weeks
  • Committership changes
  • Graphical query editor status


  • Release status
  • Committership changes
    • Krisztián Mócsai is now a committer
    • Deactivating old committers due soon
  • Graphical editor status
    • Found issue with new diagram wizard
    • Short-term
    • Finalize current version and provide documentation
    • Remove aird editor customizations
  • Gábor Bergmann works on local search optimization
    • Found cases where current planner provides suboptimal queries
    • Initial results are promising, but some work is required

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