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  • Current status: Bugzilla Gerrit AERI
  • VIATRA 1.7 released
  • VIATRA 1.7.1 seems necessary
  • VIATRA 2.0 status
    • Query runtime uses unchecked exceptions
    • Query explorer removed
    • First milestone build
    • Open questions:
      • Language design: multiple languages vs. pluggable scope dialects
        • Pluggable superlanguage version is much more flexible; would offer many benefits:
          • “Match this pattern over this EMF model, plus this DOORS/etc model, plus this traceability table between them” → easy with hybrid scopes
          • “Template patterns”, restrict certain patterns (both in the incremental and the stateless case) to a few user-supplied starting points (objects or identifiers) at runtime → this can be a use case for a user-supplied (unary) table
        • Pluggable superlanguage may take more initial effort
          • Runtime-level plus language-level composition
          • Solve editor content assist etc. issues…
          • import <<IVQLImportable on classpath>> <<details>>
          • Example importables: epackage, java, user-table etc. ← list should be extensible; also probably deprecate / remove the default case
          • “Details” could be Java package name, EPackage nsURI, user table name/class etc.
          • Give +1000% time budget to Zoltán :)
        • Timeframe? Is it meaningful to release 2.0 with language issues postponed?
    • Feature plans:


  • 1.7.0 released, some bugs only identified in the last minute
  • 1.7.1 will be necessary
  • 2.0.0
    • M1 released
    • VIATRA runtime exceptions are unchecked
    • Query Explorer removed
    • Query language question
      • Deep question, will discuss later with leadership
    • Indexes and zipping elements in queries
      • Tamás Szabó would be happy to help with this if it is selected for inclusion in 2.0.0

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