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  • Eclipse Collections integration merged, dependency added to update site
    • Release train uses 8.2.0 release site
    • Photon M3 will probably include EC9.0.0
    • Will be benchmarked on various projects
  • Alternative scoping not yet tested as far as we know
    • TODO Balazs: please test when you have time
  • Code generation strategies
    • TODO Balázs: please test when you have time
  • Dangling edges backward compatibility issue
    • Behaviour temporary changed during 1.5.x, compared to before 1.5.1 and after 1.6.0
    • Still no internal tests for this functionality (both base index and query engine?)
    • István: keep current default for VIATRA 1.x, reconsider scope semantics for 2.0
  • 1.7 progress
    • M2 with Xtext 3.0.0 upper bound contributed to Photon M2 (includes Xtext 2.13)
  • CPS benchmark
    • Results around as expected
    • Generic LS transient (peak) memory similar to Rete, probably due to tuple objects used on the API (very-very short lived objects)
    • Gaben: in the FUTURE, we could write generators for typical Tuple classes
  • Longer term visions for query language and metamodel access
    • Several discussions about possible approaches (Java vs. Ecore type systems)
    • Current infrastructure needs to map from EMF types to Java classes
    • We could either move from EMF to Java classes, ditch Xbase as expression language or build out a fast cache for the current system
    • Moving to Java classes makes generic API usage problematic

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