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  • Xform Dev UI: Gabor created issue
  • Yakindu summer school example
    • Some issues related to VIATRA usage
    • Maybe adapt to Papyrus (only statechart used, less VIATRA problem)
  • CPS Demonstrator App
    • Viewers and validation integrations added
    • App is deployed by CI build
  • Pattern parser update done, merged
    • Eclipse Collections integration options
    • Bundle EC7.x (Java 7) in our update site
    • Easy installation without user input is not possible
    • Favor Java 7 users for 1-2 minor release then switch
    • TODO Zoltan, Gabor: Check EC 7.x
  • Xtext scoping experiments
    • TODO: should be evaluated on multiple user machines
    • Create snapshots with profiler
  • Alternative code generator strategies
    • Merged
    • Changing strategy breaks using code
    • TODO Balazs: evaluate and test
  • Java 8 dependency
    • Xtext 2.11 (for new generator)
    • Eclipse Collections 8.0+
    • Guava 21
    • Probably should be called VIATRA 2.0
  • Dangling edges backward compatibility issue
    • TODO Gabor, Balazs: please check, add test and fix
  • 1.7.0 progress
    • Recent changes will be contributed to Photon M2

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