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  • TODO Ábel: initiate place in doc and document experimental TP indexing
  • DRed topics done
  • Surrogate objects in base index
    • Base index and backends don’t refer to EObjects directly, only some surrogate keys
    • First prototype in Base Index
    • Possible useful for persisting index/query engine internal state
  • Dangling edges documentation fixed
  • Cross-resource containment
    • In case of EObject scope, traversing through cross-resource containment is considered in scope
    • In case of Resource and ResourceSet, cross-resource containment leading out of Resource or Resources of ResourceSet, respectively, are considered out of scope
    • EMFScope JavaDoc updated
    • TODO update tests with missing cases, add to N&N or Migration Guide
  • RelEng
    • 1.6.1 released, part of Oxygen.1
    • 1.7.0M1 included in Photon.1
  • TODO manage 1.7.0M1 issues
    • TODO move all CEP issues to FUTURE (no maintainer)
  • CPS Demonstrator updates
    • New RCP product to generate models and launch and debug transformations
    • Missing: Viewers demo inclusion and published download
  • VIATRA Tutorial feedback
    • Query Dev UI is very nice, Xform Dev UI is missing
    • Xform Dev UI: maybe have some extension point where you can register your transformation class that can be executed in a runtime Eclipse
    • TODO please create Bugzilla
  • DRED updates
    • Good performance measurement results when comparing to Flix
    • Cooperation with Soufflé team

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