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  • Current status: Bugzilla Gerrit AERI
  • TODOs from last meeting
    • Gaben: Enum constraints in dynamic mode
  • 1.6 progress
    • Guava usage
    • DRed merge and tests
    • Rete coverage status
    • Feature freeze: 17th May, Wednesday
    • M3 release


  • Enum constraints in dynamic mode: fixed in master, no automatic tests
  • Guava usage fixed: import package and uses constraints everywhere
    • Please test it a lot
  • DRed: big change merged, serious performance regression in CPS benchmark
    • Feedback: looks OK regarding memory and one-time performance, runtime problems on huge number of modifications
    • One week window to come up with ideas, two weeks for implementations
    • If cannot be solved, we will have to revert
  • Rete coverage: initial version ready, some minor issues still to work out
    • Feature freeze in place already
  • M3 milestone released: we had some issues with preparing Maven artifacts
  • N&N page:
    • Please expand on your related parts
      • TODO Gaben: add DRed entry
      • TODO: add test framework features first included in 1.5.2
      • Migration guide: dangling edges, Guava
  • 1.6 issues cleanup

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