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  • Current status: Bugzilla Gerrit AERI
  • TODOs from last week
    • Gaben: Dangling edge: merge tests and provide documentation
    • Zoli: Evaluate Guava usage in generated code
    • Gaben: Enum constraints in dynamic mode
    • Abel and Zoltan: go through issues for 1.6
  • 1.6 progress
    • Feature freeze: 17th May, Wednesday
  • DRed status


  • Gaben: testing framework API is not straightforward when using both scope and snapshot
  • Enum constraints in dynamic mode: Gaben started working on this
  • 1.6 feature freeze on May 17th
  • Issues for 1.6: we went through them, postponed to 1.7 where necessary
  • DRed status: Gerrit changes updated by Tamas, Gaben will have a look
    • Changes default behavior, must be extensively tested (performance wise)
    • Strategy: if code review & basic functional testing passes, merge before the feature freeze & test afterwards (roll back before release if necessary)
  • Coverage measurement in testing framework
    • Gerrit changes under review, final stages
  • Guava usage
    • Zoltan will work on this
    • First experiment: add uses constraints accordingly
    • The final dependency range for Guava will be decided based on these results
    • Papyrus will be a good candidate for testing, as it uses Guava 21 internally

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