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  • CEP changes merged
  • Dangling edge change merged
    • TODO Gaben: Tests not yet merged
    • TODO Gaben: write documentation, release notes
  • AERI reports cleaned up
  • TODO Zoli: Guava usage in generated code
  • TODO Gaben: Enum constraints in dynamic mode
  • Committer election for Tamás is closing soon
  • GEF5 integration merged
    • Some updates on build configs were required
    • GEF5 dependent parts require Java 8
    • Oomph setup updated, please perform setup tasks
  • Test framework enhancements:
    • Testable private patterns: done and merged
    • Test coverage: work in progress, several Gerrit changes
    • Oszkar: we are working on using MC/DC for generating tests for queries
  • URI rewrite support in Maven compiler: tested and works
  • TODO Abel and Zoltan: go through issues for 1.6

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