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  • CEP issues: no progress, TODO merge changes
  • Dangling edge: global option is done, not yet merged
    • Default: 1.5. Semantics (off by default)
  • AERI reports: several trivial issues fixed
  • New features
    • Testable private features: done and merged to master
    • Test coverage: cover constraints of given set of queries planning meeting done
  • Guava in OSGi
    • TODO Zoltan: evaluate Guava usage in generated code
    • We are also actively monitoring other projects (Papyrus, Xtext)
  • Duplicate events in base index
    • Small fix merged to better identify problems
    • Options for default: log only (current behavior) or strict mode
    • Strict, as it seems equivalent to current behavior (FATAL level log) with a better error message
  • Enum constants in dynamic mode
    • TODO Gabor: please take a look
  • Migrate Zest integrations to GEF5.0
    • Zoltan provided a functionally complete implementation
    • Used by Rete visualizer as well
    • Runs in Java FX
    • Decision: merge for 1.6.0
    • Can be tested by fetching the latest Gerrit change and running the Oomph setup
  • Nominate Tomas Borbas as committer
    • TODO Zoltan: write the nomination
  • Query editor is slow (student feedback)
    • Install metamodels in host
    • Enable experimental target platform metamodel caching otherwise
    • Optionally exclude eclipse related folders from Windows Defender

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