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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • Release status: 1.5.2, 1.6.0
  • Current in-progress development tasks
    • Editor performance
    • Functional regression
    • Test framework updates
      • Testing private patterns?
    • Dangling edge
    • DRED
    • CEP updates
  • Open question: language options
    • Motivation
      • In context of the dangling edges issue (Bug 512752), we are planning to introduce the language option that VQL patterns be translated into PQuerys with stricter semantics (guaranteed rejection of dangling edges). This requires a mechanism to specify semantics options for patterns.
      • There are a number of ways we are planning to make the VQL code generator customizable, so that fewer files could be generated (improving the performance of the IDE). This requires a mechanism to specify code generator options for patterns.
    • Solution: specify options
      • for each pattern individually (as annotation, or as a dedicated language keyword), or
      • for the scope of a vql file (though we do not have the ‘group’ language element yet), or
      • for the entire query project (either in project properties, or via .vqlgen)
  • Public VIATRA development calendar available:
  • Guest presentation: Oszkar Semerath


  • Release status
    • 1.5.2 planned for next week, only one remaining issue in progress
    • 1.6.0.M2 next week in time for Oxygen M6
      • Code freeze on Wednesday
      • Release on Friday
  • In-progress development tasks
    • Editor performance
      • Editor opening did not improve a lot
      • Build time reduced significantly
    • Functional regression
      • Fixes completed
      • Some local search testing is still needed
    • Testing framework
      • Some extensions were needed to support customized and special EMF based applications
      • Allow inputting snapshot models, run on scope
    • Dangling edges
      • Gabor is working on this for 1.6.0
    • DRED
      • Progress on implementation, nearing readiness
      • Tamas Szabo plans to do some performance measurements on industrial project (not comparative to earlier Rete version)
    • CEP updates
      • Some Gerrit changes waiting for testing
  • Language options
    • Start gathering use cases and aspects in a Bugzilla issue
  • Public calendar
    • Meetings, release deadlines
    • Public (open source project)
  • Presentation by Oszkar Semerath
    • Partial models

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