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  • Balazs and Gaben has not yet discussed the DRED issue yet
    • TODO please discuss this on Monday
  • CEP: Gaben and Istvan Papp discussed problematic points
    • Work has started on most important problems
    • Parameters of events (e.g. query match events)
    • CEP internals are quite complex (multi-layered EVMs)
    • Combination with graph queries
    • Review related: TRex, Drools Fusion, Esper, etc.
  • 1.5.1 bugfix release and 1.6.1 available
    • Latter is available in Oxygen M5
  • Non-determinism issue:
    • Maybe run CPS benchmark in a what-if way on this change
    • Similarly, we could measure Eclipse Collections effect again
    • TODO Istvan: write comment on issue to show we care
  • Next meeting in two weeks
    • Demos from NASz (DSE) and G. Szarnyas (ingraph)

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