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  • LS performance issue
    • Trivial change helps in avoiding the creation of large number of very short lived objects
  • DSE maven version problem
    • Makes release DSE maven artifacts unusable
    • Probably easy to fix
  • 1.5.1 bugfix
    • Above bugs are candidates
  • DRED
    • Initial change not yet merged
    • István: make sure the default setting works correctly in all cases of recursion
      • Allow fallback to other behavior through hints
  • Bugzilla issues
    • TODO Abel, Zoli, Istvan: go through issues (1.6.0M1 -> 1.7, FUTURE)
  • Meetings will be held bi-weekly unless something important comes up
  • TODO Gaben: work on benchmarking new features (LS, hybrid, DRED)
  • Memory measurement student contribution
    • Some more evaluation is needed
    • First step may be a public Github repo in VIATRA organization

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