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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • TODO Istvan Rath: CEP issues, talk with Istvan Papp
    • TODO Abel: Propose Daniel Segesdi as committer
  • 1.5 feature freeze
  • Future improvement effort: DRed evaluation (Delete and Rederive) for recursion
    • Tomi and Gaben are working on this issue together
  • MagicDraw demo


  • 1.5 release
    • Some outstanding commits close to merging
    • M2 is planned tomorrow
    • TODO Gabor: please check your incoming reviews
    • We got PMC approval
  • DRed evaluation for recursion
    • Not planned for 1.5
  • MagicDraw demo
  • Hybrid LS
    • Integrated functional dependencies
    • Rete subpatterns can be used in planning already to get match counts
    • Still results in inefficient plan, but large improvements
    • Experimental feature in 1.5 through hints
  • Functional dependency annotations
    • TODO Gabor: documentation
    • Useful for Rete as well
    • Allows for adding domain specific knowledge

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