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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • TODO Istvan Rath: CEP issues, talk with Istvan Papp
    • TODO Abel: Propose Daniel Segesdi as committer
  • Hybrid local search prototype merged
  • Functional dependency calculation in progress
  • 1.5 planning
  • Viatra-maven-plugin issue with Xtext-generated metamodels (troubleshooting)


  • CEP
    • CEP issues postponed to 1.6
    • TODO Istvan still pending
  • EVM-JDT contribution merged
    • TODO Abel: propose Daniel as committer
  • Hybrid LS: does not yet solve the problem that it was created to solve in the first place
    • Needs func. Dep. calculation
    • Planner cannot decide which order to call subpatterns
  • Func. dep. Calculation
    • Gabor is working on it
  • VIATRA Maven Plugin issue
    • Metamodel cross references use platform:/resource URIs
    • TODO Istvan Rath: discuss importance of fixing this
  • 1.5 planning
    • IP log closed today
    • Feature freeze from ?
  • Base index feature filtering
    • Resolves problems with EMF models that use specialized code which violates EMF constraints (e.g. EObject with two separate containment references)
    • Do not try this at home!

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