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  • Dangling cross references
    • Compatibility mode: can we provide option to allow this?
    • Planned for 1.6
  • Lazy proxy resolution
    • István: do not load resources that are not yet loaded
    • Ábel: not loading any proxies can also be interesting
    • Not planned for 1.5
  • Boolean literal issue: we managed to add true=false to the language
    • Bug in 1.5.0M1
    • Fixed in master
  • Maven build issues
    • Maven compiler uses Xtext 2.10 (to allow using Guava 15)
  • 1.5 release
    • Zoltan already moved some issues
    • CEP issues should moved unless some important bug fix is needed
      • TODO Istvan Rath: We should remove copied parts, talk with Istvan Papp
    • Next release should be planned to be ready in time for a given Oxygen milestone
  • EVM-JDT contribution
    • Event-driven transformations over JDT model change events
    • EVM-JDT contribution -> goes to VIATRA
    • UML transformation -> will be hosted in Papyrus Designer
  • Daniel Segesdi as committer
    • Contributed in both CPS example and EVM-JDT integration
    • Start it after EVM-JDT CQ is done
  • SiriusCon: Akos presented the Sirius-based graphical editor for VIATRA Queries
    • Current status: Open Gerrit change, some changes still required
    • Does not work with release Sirius
  • Hybrid local-search prototype
    • Balazs is working on a prototype
    • CPS benchmark can be used after an initial version is available
      • Although the patterns may not be complex enough
    • Gabor is working on providing functional dependencies on the PSystem API for pattern calls

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