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  • Xtext version range: 2.9-2.11 set as compatibility range
    • No integration tests with all versions
    • 2.11 beta will be tested next week
  • 1.4.1 bugfix release: “Mars compatibility” (Xtext 2.9)
    • Several bug fixes backported
  • Parameter type issue
    • TODO Zoli: Type inferrer incorrectly uses NAC parameter as type constraint
    • TODO Zoli: Additional validator to check incorrect NAC types
    • TODO Gaben: check Rete behavior
  • Dangling cross-references semantics
    • Dani: Oszkar has done some work on converting graph patterns to open-world semantics, maybe talk to him
    • TODO Gaben: finish and summarize doc before next meeting
  • Backend selection control does not work
    • TODO: check where is the bug (control, hint overriding or view input)
  • Transformation debugger screencast on Youtube:
  • Viatra-docs Eclipse migration
    • TODO Zoli: create bugzilla issue

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