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  • Bugzilla status: [VIATRA]
  • TODOs from last week
  • Model transformation debugger status
  • VIATRA-docs merger
    • Also consider proofreading the documentation
  • DSE Maven support
  • Release train joined
  • Robert Dóczi now committer


  • Java 8 issues documented and MWE workflows updated
    • Target is still Java 7
  • VIATRA is now on release train
    • Query and transformation SDK (1.4.0 release for now) is available on the Oxygen staging repository
  • MT debugger
    • Latest changes added to master
    • Documentation is being updated
    • Ready for evaluations using CI update site or source
      • Feedback welcome
  • VIATRA-docs content should be available on website
    • Peti: Transformation API content quality is sub-par, should be updated since this part is probably read first by newcomers
  • DSE Maven support ready, snapshot artifacts available in
  • Committer election finished for Robi
  • If you have some time, please review 1.5 issues and update if needed

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