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  • Bugzilla status: [VIATRA]
  • TODOs from last week
    • DONE finish CPS benchmark specification wiki page
    • TODO list industrial partners/projects on front page
  • 1.4 released
  • Bootstrapping query code generation for VIATRA Core developers
  • 1.5 timing proposal
    • M1: 28th October (with Oxygen M3)
    • M2: 30th November
    • Release date: 21th December (together with Neon.2 and Oxygen M4)
  • Java 8 issues with Oxygen
  • Maven toolchain setup
  • DSE Maven support
  • Model transformation debugger status
    • With demo
    • New and noteworthy
      • Inter-JVM debugging support
      • Slightly revised Variables and model instance visualization view with Properties support
    • Remaining tasks
      • Improve view look and feel
      • Remember collapsed-expanded elements
      • Revise view element styling
      • Navigation support
        • Navigate from properties cross reference elements to their corresponding elements in the Model Instance Browser
        • Navigate to the parameters of rule activations
      • Improve VIATRA transformation debugging launch config
        • Enable the user to set target port
        • Persist JMX connection string, and selected transformation class
      • Discover problematic corner cases, UI testing
    • Improvement Ideas
      • Transformation profiler
        • New component of the debugger
        • Over the Adaptable EVM framework


  • Java 8 issues with Oxygen
    • Running development launch configurations requires Java 8
    • VIATRA will still target Java 7
      • Requiring Java 8 would not work before Luna
    • TODO Zoli: create issue
  • Maven toolchain setup
    • Code generation’s target Java version can differ from Maven’s Java version
  • DSE Maven support
    • DSE plugins as pure Maven modules
    • Would be good for TTC model generation
    • WIP
  • Model transformation debugger status
    • Demo: Current status of prototype
    • Java debugger - VIATRA debugger interoperability: when execution is suspended on a Java breakpoint in a transformation’s “right side”:
      • the Variables and Debug view shows Java content
      • Java stepping etc. can be used
      • modifications performed by the Java code during the execution of the right side won’t be displayed in the Transformation Model Instance Viewer, only the latest state before the activation
      • when resuming, execution can be suspended again on a VIATRA breakpoint
    • TODO Peti: documentation on wiki
    • TODO a transformation developer?: test whether more features are needed

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