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  • Documentation
    • VIATRA tutorial updated by Zoli
    • Local search, Aggregators, Java type: basic ready
    • N&N: lot of changes, review welcome
  • 1.4 release: ready for tomorrow
    • Tested and working on Neon.1
  • Both DSE and CEP smoke tests are now running on every change
    • CEP example not yet on
  • 1.5 planning (see features above)
    • 1.: release train, MT debugger
    • 2.: VQL editor
    • 3.: others
  • TODO Zoli: create 1.6.0 bugzilla target milestones
  • TODO István: look at CEP issues and see if any bug fixes should be prioritized
  • C++ local search engine contributions
  • Bootstrap query code generation
    • Will be merged in 1.5 timeframe
    • Should make dev setup easier for VIATRA Core developers

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