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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • TODO CEP bug: Assign to Uzi
    • TODO finish CPS benchmark specification wiki page
    • TODO Tutorial: Probably some links to EMF, VIATRA overview, etc. should be added
    • TODO Aggregators
      • documentation
      • more built-in aggregators: max, average
      • more test cases systematically for model changes
    • TODO Zoli ask webmasters about embedding external content, including the tutorial
    • TODO list industrial partners/projects on front page
  • Documentation:
  • Features in 1.5 (planned for Neon.2 on release train - Dec 2016)
    • Uses Xtext version contributing to Neon.2
    • Graphical VQL editor (incubation)
    •  GEF4 migration
    • LS further work
    • Transformation debugger
  • New and Noteworthy for 1.4:


  • 1.4.0M2 is planned for today
    • Feature freeze for 1.4.0 release
    • Future releases may be more strict when joining SimRel
    • Please signal when you want to start feature development, we will create the maintenance branch at that point
  • Scheduling meetings
    • Move meeting to 15:00 if no major counterargument is given
  • CEP bug
    • Zoltán fixed the immediate issue
    • Bug already included in previous two releases
    • Both CEP and DSE should have integration tests using one of the case studies to avoid such issues
  • CPS benchmark specification and tutorial not improved
  • Aggregators
    • Test suite must be improved
    • Documentation issue created
  • Documentation
    • Local search documentation assigned to Balázs
    • Java types documentation assigned to Zoltán
    • QBE documentation assigned to Gábor
  • Embedding external content on website
    • Zoltán did some research, no definite answer yet
  • Release planning for 1.5
    • Gabor: what about scope semantics issues?
      • TODO prepare proposal with costs and benefits
  • Migration guide and N&N
    • Everyone should check and extend it as needed
    • Balázs: LS
    • Ábel: query dev UI
  • Transformation debugger work in progress changes on Gerrit will be delayed to 1.5

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