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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • TODO finish CPS benchmark specification wiki page
    • TODO Tutorial: Probably some links to EMF, VIATRA overview, etc. should be added
    • TODO Update your own issues
  • Aggregator bugs have been fixed, and new tests have been added
  • CEP bug (
  • MagicDraw VIATRA demo (modes3)
  • VIATRA and Kotlin
  • wireframe


  • Aggregators
    • bugs have been fixed
    • new tests have been added
    • TODO documentation
    • TODO more built-in aggregators: max, average
    • TODO more test cases systematically for model changes
  • TODOs from last week
    • No progress
    • Issues will be maintained
  • CEP bug
    • TODO Assign to Uzi
  • MagicDraw VIATRA demo (modes3)
    • MODES3 train demonstrator
    • Generate ProtoBuf code from MagicDraw SysML models using VIATRA
    • Integration alternatives:
      • MagicDraw plugin (MagicDraw is not Eclipse RCP-based)
      • Use MagicDraw OpenAPI from an Eclipse plugin which communicates with a standalone MagicDraw instance - recommended
  • VIATRA and Kotlin (
    • Gábor Szárnyas
    • Róbert Dóczi
    • Example needed
  • wireframe
    • is needed (at least in the short term) because supports only static content
    • TODO Zoli ask webmasters about embedding external content, including the tutorial
    • TODO list industrial partners/projects on front page
  • 1.4 scheduling
    • IP review started, no more external contributions accepted

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