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  • CPS Statistics only
    • Variant added, but build not yet working (type inferrer problems)
  • CPS documentation updated (formatting and links fixed)
  • VIATRA tutorial is too technical
    • TODO Probably some links to EMF, VIATRA overview, etc. should be added
  • Aggregators
    • Good: Merged initial version of the implementation
    • Bad: Type inferrer not yet complete
    • Ugly: Query planner cannot use them correctly, LS doesn’t work yet - fix in progress
  • CPP local search engine CQ completed, merged to master, not yet added to build
  • Query dev UI
    • Filtering and read-only managed engine visualization added
    • Should be feature complete for 1.4
  • Query hint refactoring merged to master
    • Minor EVM bug surfaced after this, fixed already
  • 1.4M2 is in two weeks: any new features should be introduced before that date
  • Please update milestone of issue still in 1.4.0M1 (or 1.3.0RC)

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