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  • LS - statistics only
    • No work required, it already works
    • UseBaseIndex=false + statistics-based planner provides the required service
    • TODO add statistics-only planning - no-base at runtime configuration to CPS
  • CPS benchmark memory measurements
    • Average and peak memory usage measurements added
  • Aggregator
    • Missing validation added
    • Min aggregator bug found, workaround is very expensive (collection copy)
    • LS does not support aggregators yet
  • Type inference
    • Aggregator change is blocking this work (parallel language modifications)
  • Hints and parameter directions in pattern language
    • Direction:
      • important for LS to avoid planning unnecessary adornments
      • Only generate matcher methods for possible combinations
    • File level annotations (see examples below)
      • group{} version selected initially
  • Query Dev UI improvements
    • Feature parity: Rete visualizer, LS debugger, Viewers, show location
    • Current work: filtering
    • Graduation to 1.4
  • Bugzilla issues in 1.4
    • Everyone please consider your issues and postpone to 1.5 if needed (milestones added already)
  • Reschedule meetings
    • Daniel Varro: it would be better 14:30-15:00 CET as a start time
    • In September a rescheduling might be required because of committers from the University
      • Decision postponed
  • CPS benchmark as TTC case - possibly in cooperation with Frédéric Jouault (ATL)
  • Documentation
    • Tutorial was read by third-party
      • Feedback applied to the documentation
    • TODO CPS documentation needs to be updated
    • TODO finish CPS benchmark specification wiki page
package example
@Hint(costFunction = VariableBindingBasedCostFunction)
group {
  pattern pattern1()...
  @Hint(rowCount = 6)
  pattern pattern2()...
package example
  costFunction = VariableBindingBasedCostFunction
pattern pattern1()...
@Hint(rowCount = 6)
pattern pattern2()...
package example
@Hint(costFunction = VariableBindingBasedCostFunction)
pattern pattern1()...
@Hint(rowCount = 6)
pattern pattern2()...

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