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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • Zoli: Type inference for aggregators - DONE
  • LS progress
  • Reduced CPS benchmark
  • User interface updates
  • Aggregators


  • LS
    • TODO: Allow statistics-only Base index usage as well (via hints)
  • Reduced CPS benchmark
    • Better parametrization
    • JSON-based configuration of cases
    • Do we need query-based benchmarks?
    • How to measure memory usage?
      • Multiple GCs followed by memory usage
      • Binary search of -Xmx value
      • JMX bean support for used temporary memory
    • TODO: Issue with memory management
  • Transformation Development Perspective
    • Minor updates
    • Load Model & Load Query buttons should be separate
    • Next to be implemented: filtering
  • Aggregators
    • Type inference integration done, basic functionality works
    • TODO Fix local search integration
    • TODO Include aggregators in CPS
  • Type inference
    • TODO Ability to specify scalar types of parameters explicitly
    • TODO Optimization: Use Xtext index
  • GEF4 integration
    • Performance regression due to excessive logging in GEF4
  • Debugger
    • Inter-JVM communication in progress
      • Architectural rework
      • Possible protocol: JMX
    • Problem: transferring instance model
      • Possible solution: lazy querying (expanding tree)
    • Target: 1.4 if possible

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