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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • LS progress
  • Milestone 1 for release 1.4 tomorrow
  • Graphical pattern language syntax demo
  • Aggregators


  • Aggregators
    • Demo probably next week
    • Rete integration complete
    • Type inferrer integration in progress - TODO Zoli
  • LS progress
    • CPS benchmark framework & build job has been enhanced with
    • TODO Reduced CPS benchmark has to be created
      • Less variants
      • Only M2M
    • Base indexer has the possibility to calculate only instance count
      • Issue fixed with planner’s cost function
      • LS provides reasonable trade-off between runtime & memory consumption
    • TODO (lower priority) - Further performance issue: Init phase is 2x slower than Rete
      • Possible cause (hypothesis): reindexing during Init phase
    • TODO (higher priority) - Usability enhancements to specify hints
      • Grammar
      • Validator
      • API
  • Milestone 1 for release 1.4 tomorrow
    • Don’t push very breaking changes if possible
  • Graphical pattern language syntax demo
    • Contribution by Ádám Lengyel
    • Visualize & edit patterns graphically
    • Two-way synchronization with existing textual instance model
    • Pattern language features covered
    • Expressions can be edited with Xtext inline editor
    • Sirius was patched during development to support corner cases of integration with Xtext
  • Sirius - VIATRA Query integration
    • Business model to view model transformation can be defined with VQL
    • In Sirius 4.1 refresh may reuse incremental capabilities of VQL interpreter

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