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  • Release planning
    • 3 releases until Oxygen
    • 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
    • Compatibility with at least two versions of Xtext will need to be maintained - we will use the optimistic strategy (use xtext latest for master, relax version constraints to work with one older)
    • Release train
      • Join around M2
      • Process
        • Create release record for 1.6 (projects portal)
        • Announce on cross-projects
        • Update site has to be registered in a specific git repository at
  • Local search feature planning
    • Focus on stability, validation and user experience
  • Feature request: DSLs for MT and DSE components
    • Valid request; timing is undecided
    • DSL for simple transformation + Java/Xtend/Xbase backend for more complex cases
  • C++ runtime for local search
    • Work of Róbert Dóczi
    • Underway into the VIATRA project
    • Reuse VIATRA/EMF tooling, but extended with C++ code generator (both for model and search)
    • Not all VQL elements supported
    • Experimental feature
  • Aggregators
    • Backend and language feature enhancements
  • Graphical syntax for VIATRA queries
    • Work of Ádám Lengyel
    • Possible demo next week

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