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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • QBE documentation
    • LS progress
    • Release 1.3
    • Release train preparation
  • API tools: lessons learned during 1.3


  • QBE documentation
    • Long blog post available as draft
    • Screencast is in progress
  • Local search
    • Improve base index with indexing service support
    • Support for alternative cost functions is already merged to master
    • Plan caching has a prototypical implementation
      • Orders of magnitude improvements in M2M scenarios
    • Problem with complex query
      • 9 find of a pattern with 2 bodies
      • Flattening takes a lot of time (2^9)
      • Positive pattern call operation may be needed
      • Question: what heuristic to use when deciding when to flatten?
        • Common case: some utility patterns used in many cases
        • Proposal: avoid flattening when the number of resulting bodies is larger than a given number
        • This computation is trivial and can be performed before flattening
        • TODO Balázs: create issue for this problem to discuss strategies
  • Release 1.3
    • Went surprisingly well
  • Release train preparation
    • Zoli did some thinking, no plan yet
    • Neon will have three .x releases
  • VIATRA-DSE won offline contest at TTC 2016!
  • API tools experience
    • Too many false positives and inactionable warnings (e.g. EMF generated code)
    • Options:
      • Limit scope of analysis
      • Hope for some solution
      • Don’t use API tools
      • Has advantages
        • Enforce @since tags
        • Signal clear breakages
  • DSE plain Java support
    • API must be evaluated whether it uses Eclipse platform services
    • Create main method in a new plug-in and ensure no eclipse dependencies are needed

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