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  • QBE documentation
    • Blog post in progress
    • New & Noteworthy entry added
  • UI update
    • Will be available as Incubation component on the release update site
    • Screencast Youtube video (thanks Zoli)
  • LS progress
  • Release 1.3
  • Feature planning for 1.4
    • Planned shortly after Neon.1
    • Aggregate support (Tomi)
      • Syntax still under consideration (see document for proposal)
        • Multiple aspects: syntax, PSystem, Rete, local search, validation, type system
      • GEF4 migration
        • Partially ready
        • JavaFX requires separate package on Debian Linux
        • These components will need Luna minimum
        • Oxygen will create additional API break
    • Local search
      • See above
    • Base index overhaul
      • Indexer service work already started
    • Type inferrer
      • Use Java types in language
    • Query dev UI improvements
    • MT Debugger
  • Release train preparations
    • Planned to join for Oxygen
    • First milestone builds from end of August, September

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