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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
    • TODO Ábel: CPS update, wiki, local search variant
    • TODO Zoli Create new Bugzilla components (examples, common)
    • TODO István collect remaining TODOs to Basecamp
    • TODO Gaben QBE: test installation from update site manually, write user guide, create screencast
    • TODO Peti Screencast for Debugger
    • TODO Ábel: Wiki page and New and Noteworthy page for Query registry runtime
    • TODO Tomi evaluate on aggregate functions after discussions with Gaben
  • Committer election for Robert Doczi
  • Lead election for Abel Hegedus, Istvan Rath
  • GEF4 migration
    • JavaFX requires newer target platform (4.4)
  • Type inferrer
  • Release preparation 1.3


  • CPS Update
    • Mostly done; wiki not moved
  • Bugzilla components: done
  • Possible future committers
    • Tamás Borbás
    • Dániel Segesdi
    • Róbert Dóczi
  • Lead election
    • We should start the votes
  • Type inferrer
    • All tests pass, but there is still an issue in an industrial project
    • Will be merged to start dogfooding internally
    • Corner cases
      • Closed world semantics, common subtype can be provided by an import
      • Missing from classpath is only a warning in these cases
    • Designed to be future proof to handle Java types
    • Minor change in pattern language grammar, requires regeneration
  • GEF4 migration
    • Works locally
    • GEF4 explicit dependency to JavaFX, needs Equinox patch
    • Needs Eclipse 4.4 in target platform
    • Local search debugger, Rete visualizer and Viewers Zest integration migrated
    • Looking for volunteers to test it before merging
    • Risky for 1.3, due to JavaFX specifics
  • Query registry view
    • Please test with workspaces with VIATRA Query plugins
    • Available in integration update site
  • Transformation debugger
    • MVP is ready and available in master and integration update site
  • Bugzilla issues
    • All remaining issues in 1.3 will be pushed to 1.3.0RC milestone
    • Issue owners should check status
    • Lots of CEP issues with no progress

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