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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
  • Query registry runtime
  • Transformation development perspective
  • Marketplace file extension metadata entry
    • Associating a marketplace solution with a filetype requires you to declare it on your solution listing. It's only a matter of *adding one or more tags* of the form "fileExtension_xxx" to your entry, where "xxx" is the extension of the file your solution is supporting. For example, an extension adding an editor for Go files would have a "fileExtension_go" tag, and an extension adding an editor for Dockerfile files would have a "fileExtension_Dockerfile" tag. If your solution supports multiple file types, simply add multiple tags, one for each file type. Please set these as soon as possible, since this feature will become widely used once Neon is released. Being ready before the release will benefit users who are looking for good plugins, and will add to the popularity of your solution.
  • Xtext 2.10 released, Oomph setup and Target configs updated


  • QBF initialization
    • TODO Dini: see if you can test this
  • Local search experiments
    • Not yet started
  • Query registry runtime
    • Initial implementation merged to master
    • TODO Ábel: Wiki page and New and Noteworthy page
  • Perspective
    • Suggestions welcome on the issue as comments
    • TODO Ábel: add VIATRA Variables view to Debug perspective view shortcuts
  • Marketplace file extension metadata entry
    • Extensions: vql, vqgen, vepl
  • Xtext 2.10
    • Merged to master, please perform setup tasks
  • API tools evaluation
    • Please collect feedback so we can decide after the next release
  • Bugzilla update
    • We went through the list of issues and updated the 1.3.0M2 and 1.4.0M1 milestones
  • 1.2.1 bugfix release
    • Scheduled for May 27th 2016

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