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  • VIATRA Docs highlight
  • Consider dev/build/test
    • We should test with latest Eclipse release as well at least for RCPTT
      • TODO Zoli: create bugzilla issue
  • Local search NPE
    • Completely broken in 1.2.0. Release
    • Fix ready on master
  • Candidates for 1.2.1
    • Local search NPE
    • EMF compatibility
    • Migrator fix
  • Scope semantics change - CPS test
    • Undefined behavior
    • TODO Ábel: Change test to recursive delete
    • TODO Ábel: check wiki for scope details
  • Initializing QBF in transactional editing domain
    • TODO Ábel: create API to easily initialize QBFs manually
  • Transformation debugger
    • Conditional breakpoints are supported by writing queries in the UI
  • Bugzilla status
    • TODO Zoli: create 1.4.0 milestones
    • Check also Future issues to see what could be moved to 1.4.0
  • Effort estimations
    • Consider post 1.3.0 in estimations
    • Local search
      • It would be very important to see how it behaves in real world project
      • TODO Balázs: experiment with local search (consult with Zoli)
    • Query UI
      • Push to complete priority 1 tasks
    • Reverse engineering
      • Delay work for now, Dani helps with local search
  • Type inference
    • Inferrer core is done
    • Connection with Xbase inferrer is next step
  • Eclipse Neon Democamp Budapest

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