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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week
  • Q: Can base indexer support lazy-loaded models?
  • Q: Should we encourage the users to submit obfuscated models as attachments to bugzillas?
  • Q: Can the obfuscator obfuscate Xtext models?
  • Neon target platform support
  • 1.3 proposed timing
    • 2016/05/19: M1
    • 2016/06/11: M2
    • 2016/07/07: Release


  • Asciidoc syntax highlighting for VQL
  • CPS Demonstrator:
    • Copyright added, CQ in progress
    • Tests are in different CQ
  • Query-by-example: CQ in progress
  • Q: base indexer on lazy-loaded models
  • Q: Suggest users to use model obfuscator to upload models to issues
  • Q: Possible to use obfuscator on Xtext models?
    • What happens if the obfuscated string is a keyword?
    • Custom serialization
    • Sounds like a good task for an internship
  • Neon target platform
    • Base index EMF compatibility: OK
    • Xtext 2.10 compatibility: OK
    • Databinding and Java 8
      • Ensure version we build can be installed in Neon
      • TODO consider dev/build/test target platforms
  • TODO Effort estimation
    • Ábel: query dev
    • Zoli: type inference
    • Ábel, Dani: reverse engineering tool
      • What can be done until 1.3 release
    • Balázs: local search
      • TODO Zoli: send mail to start organizing meeting
  • Graphical VQL editor issues
    • What happens with erroneous, partial models (dangling variables)
    • Complex operations vs metamodel changes

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