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  • Project start page
    • Too technical, not really for end users
    • We will work with professionals to help us improve on this
  • Local search user documentation
    • Under moderation :(
  • Syntax highlighting in Asciidoc
    • Multiple possible backends
    • TODO S. Dani: evaluate the tools in practice
  • CPS migration
    • Table ready
    • TODO S. Dani: insert copyright based on table
  • Plain Java execution of plug-in projects
    • Running plug-in project as plain Java in Eclipse
    • TODO Ábel: document this on wiki (headless/non OSGi page)
  • Batch transformation
    • Issue created, no immediate assignee
  • Base index refactor
    • Content adapter refactored to multiple classes for clearer separation of concerns
  • Will make copying EContentAdapter code easier
    • Code formatter added to Oomph setup
  • Transformation debugger product plan
    • TODO Peti: create spreadsheet for cost estimation
  • Query explorer
    • Initial plan accepted, start work
    • TODO Ábel: create spreadsheet for cost estimation

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