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  • Wiki update
    • Some Course materials moved to viatra-docs (
      • Can be linked from wiki pages
      • TODO Link to main document should be added to webpage, etc.
      • Written in Asciidoc
      • “Quality control” (grammar, typos) needed
  • Annotation warnings
    • Work in progress, in 1.3 if needed
  • Rete visualizer
    • Rete network correctly displayed
    • Runtime information is missing for shadowed nodes
    • Further improvements in separate issue
  • 1.2-maintenance branch will be created today or tomorrow
  • Release planning
    • Release process closed
  • Oomph catalog inclusion
    • TODO Ábel: create Gerrit change
  • Oomph Mylyn subtask
    • Install if you want to have Mylyn queries and Builds
  • Naming conventions
  • Transformation debugger demo
    • Implement all the features
      • Connect to remote JVM
      • Define breakpoints
      • Activation view: switch between rule grouping & conflict set visualization

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