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  • Wiki update
    • See table for list of pages and needed changes
      • Review needed for migrated pages
      • Update if needed for CEP and DSE parts
  • Website update
    • Looking for candidate to pimp out starting page
    • Minor issues already taken care of (thanks Zoli!)
  • Xtext integration
    • Got a proposed patch from Xtext team
      • Under evaluation
    • Probably we will use resampling at given points in the lifecycle
    • Planned for 1.3 timeframe
  • EVM adapters
    • Internal review done, merged into master
    • Should not affect any basic users of EVM or VIATRA transformations
      • Except batch transformation initialization
  • Wizard for creating VIATRA transformations
    • Please review if you have some time (by trying it)
  • Usage of examples repository
    • Tests depend on examples, but tests may be better located near code
  • Release planning

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