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  • Wiki update: user documentation updates; developer guide is still todo
  • Migration guide not yet extended
  • Deprecated API removed
    • If anyone finds regressions due to this, please report
  • API tools
    • Works both in IDE and CI
    • We need to deal with noise in some way to be able to use it in the long run
    • TODO Zoli: correct trivial issues
  • Yakindu issue
    • Known Xtext bug, no notifications for some things
    • TODO Zoli: provide patch to try whether it solves issue
    • TODO Dani: try proposed solution
  • Query evaluation on Xtext models forum post
    • Lazy linking resource implementation is problematic
    • Also relevant for Yakindu issue
  • No progress on website upgrade
  • CPS upgrade
    • Merged modelpatch branch (minor updates to metamodel)
    • TODO Peti: update remaining id->identifier changes
    • TODO Zoli: start migration to VIATRA with 1.3
  • Xcore integration migrated and updated to work correctly on master
  • Setup project
    • New subprojects created
    • TODO Zoli: circulate documentation
    • Especially useful for CEP and DSE developers since they don’t need Query core and transformation plugins imported
  • Parameter type warning vs. scope
    • TODO Zoli: document known issue (that adding parameter changes semantics)
    • TODO Zoli: revert warning to info and include note in message
  • Extend debugger functionality to batch/DSE
    • Migrate to EVM specific, instead of VIATRA API
    • Modification of batch API in progress
  • Massif
    • TODO Ábel: Create branch that works with VIATRA master
  • RCPTT tests
    • TODO Zoli: create issue to add a test case to ensure LS usage in Query Explorer works

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