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  • Builds
    • Issues with integration sites updates
    • Goal: avoid integration sites with stable projects
  • Migration documentation
  • Documentation
    • TODO (Dini): Query/Getting started and API documentation; add bugzilla entry
    • VIATRA course materials can be linked
  • CPS build update: done
  • Deprecated API removal
    • TODO (Zoli) finish it
    • TODO (Gaben) review the change (link will be sent)
  • Bugzilla restructuring
    • Lot of old tickets closed with no activity
    • Ideas should be collected on wiki pages
    • If work consists of multiple parts, issue should be split as well - we should have no orphaned partially solved issues
  • 1.2 tasks
    • Péter Lunk API tools and MWE test case
  • 1.3 tasks for juniors
    • Róbert Dóczi for local search
    • Tamás Borbás for testing aspects (
      • Query test suites (update and move to
      • RCPTT test suite (update and move to
    • Péter Lunk: debugger UI and RuleEngine integration
    • Dániel Segesdi: UML reverse engineering addon with Eclipse Marketplace entry
  • Query by Example feature
    • Gerrit change opened
    • Will be added to 1.3; ticket might be needed
  • Xcore & Viatra Query integration status (Tomi):
    • Runtime plug-ins are migrated
    • New file extension: xcoreiq -> xvql. Examples are updated accordingly in the repository and plug-ins are migrated to the new version.
    • Dynamic mode works fine
    • Generated mode does not work:
  • Website upgrade
    • TODO (Zoli) Open ticket

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