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  • integration build?
    • should be ready tomorrow
    • István: we should also create a milestone build soon
  • CPS build is not yet updated
  • wiki migration
  • deprecated APIs
    • issue created
    • can be found through JavaDoc
    • API tools should be enabled after cleanup
    • TODO Zoli will circulate deprecated API list on mailing list
  • bugzilla
    • TODO Zoli will send an e-mail about component subscriptions
  • Migration of xcore integration plugins is in progress
    • Library.gen and library.viewers can be deleted
  • release plan
    • schedule for end of April
    • technical content should be as it is currently
    • fix missing documentation and minor issues
  • issues
    • TODO Zoli: look through closed/resolved issues
    • TODO István, Zoli and Ábel will look through all other issues and reschedule
  • CPS example migration to as soon as possible, probably 1.3.0

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