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  • restructuring status
    • code in repository
    • CI build runs
    • integration build not yet
    • CPS example has just been migrated
    • Oomph setup works in general, some rough edges remain
    • EMF-IncQuery project resources were archived sooner than expected
      • most important links were redirected now
      • we asked the webmaster to keep it at the original location for the next (half) year
    • wiki migration
      • all pages were moved to VIATRA namespace and TODOs were added to signal that future evaluation of content is necessary
    • Xcore update has not been done yet due to lack of time
  • Target platform metamodel resolution bug
  • Performance footprint of simply allowing adapters (without attaching adapters)
    • around 1% overhead
    • we should evaluate the possible approaches for allowing more general usage of adapters (DSE, rule engines, etc.)
  • test framework refactoring
    • initial work has been merged, allows both Rete and LS backend
    • migration has not been done yet
    • Márton Búr: how should we prepare performance tests
      • same queries as for acceptance tests
      • create large models
      • probably CPS example would be a good case study
      • simple script and Maven built application

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