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  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • Restructuring status
  • TODOs from last week
    • Zoli: Prepare a list of found issues, and open bugs accordingly


  • Issue list
  • Xcore integration?
    • downgrade to incubation
    • not upgraded yet
    • TODO Zoli: namespace update should be done
    • can be removed from build
    • TODO Tomi:
      • try to make it work with current Xcore version and updated code
      • update wiki page
  • Committer election
    • voting finished, paperwork in progress
  • Repo freeze will be over after today when we upload the changes to the repo
    • Everyone should install a new environment from the new VIATRA setup
    • it will import all projects for now
  • wiki migration
    • complete EMF-IncQuery content should be moved
    • update out-dated content afterwards
  • migration tool ( )
    • works correctly in most cases, but there are some hard to correct quirks
    • some testing by other committers should be done
    • suggest parts that should be made optional
    • TODO wiki:
      • classic migration guide
        • including table for renamings
      • more logical structure for parts that are not corrected by the migration tool
  • Miklós Földényi communicated that he can no longer contribute to the project
    • he will become a committer alumni
  • news about the merging on the page
  • null values for variables
    • embedded NAC is a long-standing request
    • simply “allowing” nulls for variables is a big semantic change
    • supporting null check inside pattern can be additive change
    • alternative: support neg for path expressions
  • action plan:
    • wait for Zoli to signal repo freeze over
    • checkout new repo
    • check your access rights to repo (use dry-run push)
  • CPS demo should be added to VIATRA
    • org.eclipse.viatra namespace
    • code contributed to before next release

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