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  • Bugzilla status: EMF-IncQuery
  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • Restructuring status
    • file extension doodle
  • TODOs from last meeting:
    • everyone: subscribe to viatra-dev list
    • Balázs: merge testing framework change


  • Feature name: query.runtime.generic → query.language
  • There is a window between the restructuring and the first release where it may make sense to break language compatibility (but better if it does not break)
    • rethink import statements
      • import java, import epackage, etc. instead of naked import
    • rethink file/patternmodel as compilation unit → can be annotated; can be linked with
    • rethink variable declaration / constraint syntax?
      • Asdf(x) → x: Asdf ?
        • x:: Asdf for exact type matching (ignoring subtypes)?
      • Asdf.ghi(x,y) → x.ghi(y) ? x.ghi -> y?
        • problematic with content assist, since x is possibly not declared
      • (EMF-specific) syntax to distinguish EDatatype and java type constraints (e.g. EString vs. java.lang.String)
      • See also bug 398788 and bug 424612

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