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  • Proxy resolution issue
    • NeoEMF or EStore implementation had problems with proxy resolution during resource loading
    • Proxy resolution is postponed to after resource loading
    • fix merged into master
  • Feature development roadmap
    • Local search
      • Marci will help Balázs take over this part
      • Balázs: finish work on new test env and DSL
      • remaining tasks
        • integration on the framework
        • hybrid PM
        • “shallow indexer” for search plan optimization
        • caching
        • missing features: recursion
  • Dini main task: UI revamp
    • Query Explorer rewrite (and related infrastructure)
  • Zoli main task: Query Editor slowness (finish type inferencer)


  • next feature improvement target is to finish user-facing parts of the debugger
    • in a way that will serve CEP and DSE as well
    • DSE will likely need deeper refactoring to make this possible

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