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  • Bugzilla status: EMF-IncQuery
    • Bug 483089: The challenge is retaining EMF compatibility (changes in EMF 2.12)
    • Bug 485134: Viewers issue - is proposed solution correct?
  • Bugzilla status: VIATRA
  • TODOs from last week:
    • project restructuring proposal
  • Feature request: make sure DSE can work with ResourceSets and not only root EObjects (multi-threading is not a must in this case)
  • -- can we use it?
  • How to debug performance issues
  • missing page on



  • Project restructuring
    • thanks for voting
    • Ed Merks notified on decision and ask on how to proceed


  • Balázs Grill accepted as committer, administration under way
  • cross-resource containment issue
    • using this caused problems even in plain EMF
    • EMF next version will include a fix
    • different workaround needed for previous and new EMF versions
    • we should discuss with Ed on improving the EMF solution
    • decision:
      • add upper limit on EMF now and support old code
      • our first release after EMF 2.11 is released will have new code and lower limit on EMF
  • viewers issue
    • fix on Gerrit, review needed (TODO Csabi)
  • Jbase
    • Java syntax over Xbase
    • Not useful for us
  • Debugging performance issues
    • non-determinism still exists in Rete building
    • how could the Rete visualizer be used on an already prepared engine?
    • some kind of non-graphical representation (table-tree?)
    • we should invest some effort into this


  • DSE engine limitation (initialize on single object)
    • please find a fix/workaround that can be used in Mondo
    • TODO Csabi: create Bugzilla issue
    • TODO NASz: find fix
  • CEP
    • TODO István D.: clean up the Bugzilla and Basecamp items
  • debugger
    • Zoli is working on merging it

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