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  • Project restructuring
    • bugzilla components:
      • István: don’t be afraid of a lot of options
    • features vs. incubation/non-incubation
      • we need an update site, where incubation components are not available
    • DSE and CEP are top level components
    • bootstrapping problem
      • lot of plugins already include patterns that need to be compiled
      • proposal: create a feature that allows code generation required for everything other than query language and generator
    • API break
      • deprecated code should be removed
      • look at checked/unchecked exception situation
    • Migration tool minimum:
      • string replace for “org.eclipse.incquery”
      • project setup tool
    • First release:
      • Planned date: end of February
      • Mature components: 1.2
      • Incubation components: 0.12
        • Viewers downgrade
    • Proposal
      • refactor
      • two sets based on maturity
      • migration component
      • timeline
      • new committer set is union of current committers of two projects
    • Proposal should be sent out before the next meeting


  • TODO Ábel: Committer election for Balázs Grill in EMF-IncQuery


  • Update site URLs have been renamed (viatra2 -> viatra)

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