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  • Releases
    • due to outage, we could only release today
    • Repository structure changed in VIATRA update site
      • simple -> composite can cause problems in Oomph, delete cached files in p2 directory
        • TODO Zoli: document this!
      • each release gets its own update site
      • EIQ update site not changed
    • after some testing, we will notify users on all channels
    • release notes: CEP not done
      • TODO István D.: please check
    • recursive query generation reverted in release as it had problems
    • issues postponed (Thanks, Zoli!)
  • Project restructuring
    • project leads will sit down and propose a new structure
    • e-mail will be sent to both dev lists
    • please reply to proposal on all lists that you are on!


  • Local search
    • there are still problems in the usage scenario of Dani Darvas
    • it seems that the testing done does not entirely cover pattern language
  • Query by Example demo
    • we should work on contributing this to Eclipse
      • Gerrit/CLA needed
    • please create screencast for blog post
  • RCPTT tests
    • tests were not robust enough
    • some tests could not be corrected
      • neither the example nor the code changed in the last 6 months
      • should not have worked at all


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