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  • release delayed to Nov 12th due to Xtext release
  • bugzilla review: some small bug issues will be postponed
  • migration
    • TODO Ábel: evaluate remaining pages for migration
  • runtime dependencies
    • merge and see if any test projects fail
  • Xtend in core
    • no changes planned: do not overuse but otherwise no effort on cleaning now
  • Java version update
    • for 1.2, we will move up to Java 7
  • EIQ-Sirius benchmark
    • hard to measure due to caching
    • basic result: on model change, AQL evaluation is executed when the transaction is committed, while EIQ evaluation is much faster (and is performed during modification)
      • AQL can be several seconds vs EIQ less than 100 ms


  • debugger contribution will be merged after release

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